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Click counter tool helps speed up your mouse. You can check how many times you can click mouse buttons.

Click Counter

What is Click counter?

Click Counter is clicker test unblocked version help to count your mouse clicking. In simple words, it calculates your mouse click in a particular time interval.

You can click as many times as you want, and our CPS tool will help you calculate the score.

This tool is free and easy to access, which measures your mouse clicking rate in the given period.

Operating the click counter game is easy and enjoyable at the same time.

The game fits all age crowds, so don't bother if you are just a student, junior, or a self with a corporate job.

Click Speed Test

Why should you try this Click counter?

A mouse click is very important to operate a computer.

Still, beyond that, nowadays, the use of mouse click has been increased due to the games, and there are so many games that include a keyboard and click to play a game.

And if you want to win that game, you need to skill, and these skills can be improved with the help of our tool.

Have you queried how many mouse clicks can you achieve in thirty seconds?

Well, many might not even know if there is a method to determine such an atypical action.

That will be a surprise for you if you get to know that this method does exist.

And many not only use this tool to calculate their number of clicks, and it is very popular among gamers as a global game.

How to use Click Counter Tool?

As you know, the Click speed test is stated as CPS test, which includes few steps:

  • Hit the “Click here to start playing” button to start the game.

  • Once you hit the button, start clicking the mouse.

  • But before that, don't forget to set up a timer according to your preference. You can set up any period from 1sec to 120sec.

  • Once the timer is on, you should start pressing the mouse click.

  • As the timer ends, it will show you the scorecard according to your performance.

You can use this tool as many times as you want.

Our tool is very simple to use, and the dashboard is user-friendly. You can set the timer consistent with your preference. You can set up the timer from 1 sec to a max of 120 sec.

What is Click Counter ranking?

Click Counter ranking is given a scorecard after completing the test. It is just like your result. We have divided this ranking based on your speed means how well do you perform in the test.

So following are the various ranking

1. Giraffe:

If you click too slow means your click is between 1-3, you will be shown a scorecard with Giraffe ranking. It means you need to improve.

2. Gorilla:

If your click is ok that means your click is between 4-6, then you will be shown a scorecard with gorilla ranking. It means you need to improve a little bit.

3. Wolf:

If you're. Click well. That means your click is between 7-9. Then you will be shown a scorecard with a Wolf ranking. It means you are good but needs to be better.

4. Gazelles & cheetah:

Then we have Gazelles and cheetah with the click between 10-13 and 13 above.

If you get any of the scorecards with Gazelles and cheetahs, you are very fast in the click counter and have a higher rank.

We have noticed that normally people get the ranking of Wolf, which is considered better performance.To improve your ranking, you need to practice a lot.

Features of Click Counter tool?

There are so many points which users keep in mind before using any tool.

We have made this very user-friendly so that they can use CPS Tester tool on any device like computer, Laptop, Tablets, Mobiles, etc. and hence users can monitor the rate at which they can hit in a given period.

The mobile interface is very similar to the web version, giving users full ease to test their skills.

While their area unit many third-party applications, our game can provide ongoing computer programme because of the net version.

If you are using any third-party site, don't forget to check its legitimacy because all unwanted software can get downloaded with this third-party site.

How to enhance your clicking speed by avoiding externally connected mouse?

You can enhance your click speed with a laptop or mobile.

It means that if you use a desktop computer with an externally connected mouse, your click speed gets delayed due to the posture we use while handling the mouse.

But it's not the case in mobile and laptops because it doesn't need an externally connected mouse.

You have to tap to click and in this way, you can speed up your clicking by avoiding the use of a mouse.

Why should you use Click Counter?

Our site is user-friendly and has easy to understand dashboard. Our site is very much secured.

Also, you can set up a timer according to your preference. We have given two options either you can set up manually or set up it by clicking on the options

One more thing about the site is that we have given a step-by-step guide on using or giving click counter.

What is the world record of the Click per second test?

Although the click counter is a novel play performed on many websites, some severe gamers race as the most electric mouse clicker, it might come as a surprise.

Still, there is a world record holder for the most expeditious mouse clicker. manages track of the world record holders. According to its data, Dylan A. completed 1051 mouse clicks in 10 seconds.

cps counter is not the game only because they are not just gamers, but they are using cps counter to easing their mind during they seem stressed.

In simple words, the click counter is the Click test for Mouse. It's all regarding calculating mouse clicks over some time.

The most suitable time for a speed test is 60 seconds for CPS counter.

It examines your fittest mouse click speed test, how fast can you click your Mouse, and our site provides you with a score depends on your decision over time.

How to measure CPS Score?

The proportion of most clicks per precise second is called CPS or Mouse Clicker.  This is a mouse symbol of understanding how quickly you can click performance and Mouse clicking speed test.

The outcome of the cps counter is called the CPS test. Click per Speed is the fussier of your mouse click speed.

The CPS clicker is the main execution which the game player notices through the click speed test. Click counter is the mouse test that measures the number of clickper second test. It will be one application or a website.

The most immeasurable performance number of mouse click speed tests is based on the PC or Laptop.

These days, expert gamers spend a lot of time enhancing their mouse-clicking rate to defeat their competitor at gaming.

Many users are also venturing typing tests from our tool. It encourages you to improve your typing rate.

How to enhance clicks per second?

Clicks per second are a significant thing that is sincerely obeyed by gamers who continuously want to become experts in their ideal game and become unbeatable.

when it comes to increasing your clicks per second, you need severe and consistent practice.

At our site, you can train daily and become an expert by clicking.

We are very assured if you function daily for just 10 minutes, it will give you expertise in your dream play.

How many clicks per second are fast?

To become more active in clicks, you require clicking within 5 to 10 clicks per second.

CPS Test defined some ranks against your clicking speed. But if you want to evade becoming a turtle, you need to click beyond five clicks per second.

How Quick Can You Click in 10 Seconds?

The world record for the most immeasurable number of clicks in 10 seconds is 105.1 CPS.

The click speed check is also a unique game performed on varied websites and apps; some folks sincerely fight to be the quickest mouse clickers.

Final Word

CPS means Click per second test, which improves your clicking speed by using our online tool.

Our tool is very amazing. You may love it. There are so many specifications that in tool.

Many expert-level gamers want expertise in their skills and to become a pro in the field, you need to practice a lot.

We don't have a simple Click test; also, we have given tests like the Kohi click test and Jitter click test.

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